Financial Education & Counseling Services in Minnesota

Financial Education of Minnesota offers free financial education seminars and workshops to schools and colleges, civic and community organizations, churches, and many other groups.

Our office has developed curriculum called the “Pay, Save, Spend Rule” which covers topics including the importance of saving money, the rules of borrowing, warning signs of debt, credit and debt traps to avoid, and information regarding credit reports.

The “Pay, Save Spend Rule” is also in a booklet form. This 26 page booklet is free to the public in limited quantities and we also have a downloadable PDF version free for your use.

Feel free to contact our office if you’d like more information about our free financial information or would like us to speak at your next class or group meeting.

Pay, Save, Spend Rule Booklet PDF

Warning Signs of a Debt Problem

  • Having required monthly payments to creditors total 20% or more of take home income ( not including rent or mortgage).
  • Using savings for daily expenses.
  • Using cash advances from credit card issuers to pay other creditors and/or daily expenses.
  • Paying the minimum amount due on your bills or LESS each month.
  • Not knowing how much you owe.
  • Receiving calls or letters from creditors due to not paying on time.
  • Fighting in the home due to money problems.
  • Experiencing creditor’s law suits, repossessions or garnishment of wages.

If you are experiencing any of these signs you may be in or heading towards serious financial trouble.

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